My name is David M. Blanke.

I love to hike. And I love New Jersey. So, I decided to mash the two together and hike across New Jersey. I'm doing it in a month (ish), starting on my birthday, January 6th.  Most hikes will be done solo (without any tricks or gimmicks), but I'll also be joined by friends and family.

I've chosen the Highlands trail, which covers the most rugged and beautiful region of New Jersey. It also celebrates a geological phenomenon that runs mainly through New Jersey and New York.

I've broken up the 100+ miles into 21 daily chewy morsels for general consumption. On this website, you will find all the secret ingredients of the Highlands Endeavor. And some things you don't want to repeat.

Follow me and the Endeavor on Instagram at davidmblanke. 

Highlands Endeavor promotional material

Highlands Endeavor promotional material